About iDrumTune Pro and Inventor Rob Toulson


The iDrumTune Pro drum tuner app is the result of Professor Rob Toulson’s original percussion analysis and tuning system, born out from his internationally recognised research on the subject. Starting back in 2005, Professor Toulson developed and published a number of new scientific findings with respect to drum acoustics and the way the sound of drums can be optimised. During this time he developed the iDrumTune Pro percussion analysis system, which resulted in a 2007 worldwide patent application and a desktop software application. In 2009-10 the iDrumTune system was re-developed for handheld smartphones, which had then started to become powerful enough to handle all the necessary sound analysis, using his unique algorithm which can identify the key frequency components of drum sound. The concept of electronically assisted drum tuning was born and, since its launch, iDrumTune has enabled many of thousands of drummers to truly understand the ‘dark art’ of drum sound and drum tuning.

iDrumTune Pro provides a complete educational programme to develop your knowledge and listening skills with respect to drum tuning. The app implements the two fundamental components for effective learning; guidance and feedback. Through the app features and our associated online tutorials, drummers are given guidance on how to tune drums and are facilitated to experiment and learn about drum sound in the context of their own drum kit and musical preferences. The app provides numerical feedback on a particular drum setup, allowing you to make adjustments and critically evaluate the results. In a short space of time, the theory of drum sound will become second nature and the iDrumTune Pro app becomes a powerful tool for tuning drums accurately, repeatably, rapidly, and for many different musical styles and genres.

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iDrumTune Pro is developed by RT60 Ltd, London, UK

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