Drum tuning app for drummers and studio engineers
Take the guesswork out of drum tuning and make your drums sing!
iDrumTune is the original and most accurate electronic tuner for drums and percussion, used by thousands of drummers worldwide. Based on innovative percussion acoustics research, the iDrumTune app accelerates the learning of drum tuning and ensures that your drums sound as rich and musical as they were intended!
Industry Reviews
"a fantastic tool for both drummers and studio engineers seeking that perfect drum sound. It’s a Swiss Army knife for tuning drums." 

Sound on Sound Magazine 
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"This is great. I'll be tuning all my drums to the key of the song in a matter of moments. Well done iDrumTune!" 
Alex Reeves, drummer for Elbow, Bat For Lashes, Dizzee Rascal (www.alexreeves.com)
Acoustics Theory for Drum Tuning
iDrumTune Pro - App Overview
Tutorial: Tuning a 12" Rack Tom
Tutorial: Clearing the Drumhead

Academic Research Publications

The iDrumTune app is developed from thorough academic research into percussion acoustics and drum tuning by Professor Rob Toulson and a number of colleagues. This research has brought new knowledge on the acoustics of drums and has enabled for the first time a quantified approach to drum tuning. The first iDrumTune patent was applied for in 2007 and in 2008 Professor Toulson gave the first public demonstration of the iDrumTune system at the international Art of Record Production Conference in Lowell, MA, followed by an invited showcase presentation at the Audio Engineering Society Convention, New York in 2009. A number of open access research publications related to iDrumTune are listed below.


Toulson. E. R. 2017 - The Resonant Tuning Factor: a new measure for quantifying the setup and tuning of cylindrical drums, proceedings of 143rd The Audio Engineering Society Conference, New York, October 2017. download paper

Toulson, E. R. 2009 - Percussion Analysis and Quantitative Drum Tuning, tutorial presentation at The 127th Audio Engineering Society Convention, New York, October 2009.  download slides 

Toulson, E. R., Cuny-Cringy, C., Robinson, P. & Richardson, P. G. M. 2008 - The perception and importance of drum tuning in live performance and music production, Proceedings of The Art of Record Production Conference, Lowell, Massachusetts, November 2008. download paper 

Richardson, P. G. M. & Toulson, E. R. 2011 - Fine Tuning Percussion: a new educational approach, The Journal of The Art of Record Production, Issue 5. read online here