A Complete Educational Course

by Professor Rob Toulson

Drum Sound and Drum Tuning

Drum Sound and Drum Tuning covers everything you need to know about drum sound, drum acoustics and using the iDrumTune Pro app, all in one place. Whilst giving examples for you to implement with iDrumTune, the course shows all of the key acoustics theories relating to drumheads and how they apply in drum tuning. Deciding and setting the pitch of each drum is covered, along with techniques to ensure that the drumhead vibrates evenly and smoothly, we also cover the resonant drumhead in detail and dispel a few folk-law myths along the way. The theory is always connected to creative aspects of drum sound, giving examples of how and why certain tuning setups work well for different musical styles and genres. Different types of drumheads are discussed in detail, allowing you to make the correct choice for your style, along with a discussion of musical timbre and the sonic magic that is brought from different drum shells and setups. The course is interactive, including diagrams, animations, videos and sound examples, and experiments to try for yourself in order to become a drum sound master!

The course explains HOW to tune drums and get great drum sound, but focuses specifically on WHY certain changes to a drum setup influence the sound the way they do - allowing you to develop your hearing and a more critical understanding of drums, so that you can get a great sound quickly and with confidence in any situation. The course content is based on modern academic research by world experts in musical acoustics and percussion instruments, drummers, and music producers, and is presented by Professor Rob Toulson, who is an internationally published expert on drum acoustics, musician, music producer and inventor of the iDrumTune Pro drum tuning system.

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