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Take the guesswork out of drum tuning and make your drums sing!
iDrumTune is the original and most accurate electronic tuner for drums and percussion, used by thousands of drummers worldwide. Based on innovative percussion acoustics research, the iDrumTune app accelerates the learning of drum tuning and ensures that your drums sound as rich and musical as they were intended!
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iDrum Tune App Features:


iDrumTune Pro includes a number of innovative features to assist with drum tuning:

  • Pitch Tuning Mode: High and tight or low and powerful, the choice is yours. Pitch tuning helps you to find the perfect tone for your drums, quickly, accurately, every time.

  • Lug Tuning Mode: Ensures that the drumhead is evenly tensioned and that the drum decays with a smooth and even tone.

  • Resonant Head Tuning Mode: Tune the resonant drumhead to make your drums SING! iDrumTune allows you to be sure that the two heads are working together and giving rich sonic overtones.

  • Spectrum Analyzer: Understand the acoustics of your drums in more detail, so you can really start to identify which frequencies are excited and heard when playing the drums.

  • Drum Kit Presets: Design, save and recall your favourite tunings and share them with the world.

  • The Science of Drum Tuning: An extensive manual on the science and art of drum tuning and how to getting the best out of iDrumTune Pro.

  • Free Online Drum Sound Course: Showing you how to get the best from iDrumTune, learn essential concepts about drum tuning, and become a Drum Sound Pro!

How Drum tuning technology can benefit:


Drums are an instrument with an unlimited range of opportunity to personalise and perfect your sound, through your choice of shells, drumheads and how you tension and tune. But tuning or optimising the sound of an instrument isn’t easy – neither guitarists nor pianists tune or tension their instruments without assistance. In fact, the human ear is not well designed for accurately assessing drum sounds, since they do not have significant musical overtones like the piano or guitar. Furthermore, drums have a number of tuning components; two drumheads with multiple lugs and tension rods, making them one of the hardest instruments to tune well. The iDrumTune Pro app is based on cutting-edge acoustics research, working much like an electronic guitar tuner, but for drums. But a conventional drum tuner cannot work for drums - iDrumTune uses a sophisticated analysis algorithm to identify and evaluate all the key sonic components of drum sounds, and provides feedback on how to tune the drumheads in order to achieve you perfect drum sound.


Using iDrumTune, you can experiment with different tuning setups and be sure to achieve the same sound every night, at every gig, for different music styles, and whenever changing drumheads. The iDrumTune Pro app is more accurate than the human ear, ensuring that your drumheads are evenly tensioned and that your resonant head works in unison with the batter drumhead head. With iDrumTune Pro, and it’s associated drum sound tutorials, you embark on a journey to fully understand drum tuning, once and for all!

"a fantastic tool for both drummers and studio engineers seeking that perfect drum sound. It’s a Swiss Army knife for tuning drums." 

Sound on Sound Magazine 
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"This is great. I'll be tuning all my drums to the key of the song in a matter of moments. Well done iDrumTune!" 
Alex Reeves, drummer for Elbow, Bat For Lashes, Dizzee Rascal (www.alexreeves.com)

Drum Sound and Drum Tuning is a 12-part open-access course intended for drummers and studio engineers who are looking to better understand drum sound and drum tuning, in order to achieve the best and most creative sounds for performance and recording projects.

The course provides tutorials on all of drum tune Pro’s features, explaining how to tune drums and how to achieve professional and personalised drum sound. Furthermore, the course focuses specifically on why certain changes to a drum setup influence the sound the way they do - allowing you to develop your hearing and a more critical understanding of drums so that you can get a great sound quickly and with confidence in any situation.

Check out our free course for drummers and studio engineers

Acoustics Theory for Drum Tuning
iDrumTune Pro - App Overview
Tutorial: Tuning a 12" Rack Tom
Tutorial: Clearing the Drumhead
There is one key acoustics theory that will revolutionise the way you think about drum tuning, enabling you to tune faster, more accurately and with confidence every time! Watch this short video to learn for yourself...
A quick run through all of iDrumTune's key features, including pitch tuning, lug tuning, resonant drum tuning and the tuning preset manager.
Showing the usable pitch range of a 12" rack tom, from low and powerful to tight and tuneful.
Tutorial on clearing the drumhead, which is also referred to as equalising the drumhead or lug tuning, resulting in a smooth and clear tone to the drum.
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